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Whether you're a scholarly society, a university library or a conference organizer, PeerJ is ready to partner with you to make your community - and their research - thrive.

Explore Annual Institutional Memberships (AIMs), PeerJ Hubs, Conference Awards & Collections, and our industry partnerships below.

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Annual Institutional Memberships

Flat fee, unlimited publishing for your institution

A PeerJ Annual Institutional Membership (AIM) gives your faculty the opportunity to publish for no fee in PeerJ’s journal portfolio. There is no limit on the number of articles that can be published by authors affiliated with a Institutional Member.

Annual Institutional Memberships:

  • Remove barriers to OA for authors caused by APCs
  • Reduce administrative overheads and associated costs for institutional partners
  • Provide great value for money and protect your investment

We believe that Article Processing Charges (APCs) to fund Open Access (OA) are neither sustainable nor equitable. PeerJ Annual Institutional Memberships are an important step towards an OA future without APCs, and a move towards our ultimate goal of collective action to support globally equitable OA.

AIM pricing is tiered, based on your publishing history in PeerJ journals, and starts at just $2000. Contact us today for a quote.

PeerJ Hubs

A new concept for society and research association publishing

Grow and develop your community, and make Open Access a more attainable and equitable option for your members.

Built on top of PeerJ's existing infrastructure and journal portfolio:

  • Hubs provide a submission portal for partners, with editorial guidance and oversight provided by your members to ensure research content published in the Hub reflects the scope and aims of your organization.
  • Hub partners can choose from a range of editorial models designed for every size of society and research association.
  • Your members can immediately access high-quality, indexed journals with established metrics and editorial boards.
  • Peer review is managed by PeerJ, providing industry-leading editorial support and customer service.

Your members will benefit from discounted publishing charges, and you can choose to create a unique Cooperative Publishing Fund to support your members without the means or funding support to publish Open Access.

Conference Collections and Awards

Maximise the impact and visibility of your meeting and your research

Partner with PeerJ to publish the research presented at your conference or symposium.

  • Zero Cost to Organizers
    PeerJ Conference Collections are simple to organize and incur no additional costs to the conference or collection organizer.
  • Customizable
    We'll create a bespoke landing page, personalized to your conference and the research topic, and you can choose to use our collection abstract review system.
  • Quality
    All collection submissions to our family of seven high-quality, indexed journals undergo rigorous, developmental peer review, and authors enjoy our industry-leading customer service and unique submission platform.
  • Promotion
    We create bespoke promotional material for all of our partner collections and will highlight them across our website (over 1 million visitors per month) and our social media channels (over 40,000 followers). We also promise to promote your conference or symposium to help drive engagement and registrations.
  • Awards
    We are happy to provide a PeerJ Award as part of your conference. Award winners receive a free publication in a PeerJ journal - subject to peer review - and are featured on our blogs.
  • Reach
    Everything we publish is Open Access, guaranteeing it can be read, shared and re-used by anyone. All PeerJ articles display usage metrics, and we’ll also provide a report on the metrics for your collection as whole.

Industry Partnerships

Work with us to help change science

We believe Open Access and Open Science will change the world. We partner - and welcome discussions - with like-minded organizations who share our aims and ideals. We work with ASAPBio, bioRxiv, Peer Community In, CORE, Publons, sciety and many others to achieve our shared goals. If you'd like to partner with PeerJ to change the world, don't hesitate to get in touch.


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